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Age 22
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“Look at how much stress the typical man goes through in a given day,” she says. “From the first seconds he’s awake until he’s trying to shut it all out at night, he’s suffering. He’s going through things. He’s dealing with things he would rather not. We live in this perpetual state of sleep deprivation, right off, so when he gets up he doesn’t have enough rest. He gets pushed out of sleep, kicked awake, by his alarm clock. Some days he sleeps a little extra, hits that snooze button more often than he should, but generally, he is forcing himself to get up and go deal with reality as he sees it. There’s no choice at all for him. He has to go do his work if he wants to get paid. While he’s driving to work and dealing with rush hour traffic, or when he’s dealing with the bus or the train or whatever, he realizes he’s going to be late. When he gets to work, he sneaks into the office. He dodges his overbearing boss, who mistreats him and takes advantage of him. Every minute of every day, he is immersed in stress. He’s unhappy. He’s burdened and oppressed. Nobody can live like that, day after day, without feeling the effects of it.”

Lien continues, “So picture yourself in that same situation. You’re sitting in a desk in a cubicle, staring at a computer. You waste the hours until lunch, then you get a tiny window where you can maybe have some time for yourself. Most people can’t afford to eat lunch out all the time, so you probably don’t do that. Then you have to hurry back if you’ve left the office, risk your boss’ wrath again, and get on with being bored for the rest of the day trapped in your cubicle. If you’re lucky, I mean really lucky, you don’t have more meetings in the afternoon to sit through being bored. You fight not to fall asleep, and then you fight your way back through traffic home. Then you get maybe a few precious hours to yourself to watch television or play some video games, or see a movie… and the whole cycle starts again the next day. It’s horrible and there’s no escape from it. There’s just no relief from the stress. Men are utterly overwhelmed with stress these days. I mean, it isn’t just men. Women are affected too. The majority of my clients are men and I want to help them. At, we help relieve that stress. We not only take the stress out of the equation when it comes to dating and arranging a nice time out on the town, but we find ways to help you escape from the stress of your regular life. Going out with me is not just something you do because it’s fun. It’s also something you do to get away from the things you don’t want to do. I’m in the business of taking care of you. Give me a chance to do that for you, and you won’t regret it, I guarantee.”

“What I offer,” Lien says, “is a chance for you to actually recover in a stress-free zone. There’s a lot of talk about “safe spaces” in the news these days. Well, when you’re with me, you truly are safe. You can relax and let your cares fall away. You are not encumbered by stress or anxiety because you’re with someone who truly cares. I want to help you to have a good time. I want you to feel better. I truly care about whether you enjoy your booking and whether it helps you to feel better about life the next day. When you come to me, when you book my time, you aren’t just getting a beautiful woman. You’re getting someone who really cares. Come see me today, please!”