Lovely little Midori is the kind of girl who loves fetish play and describes herself as bisexual. She knows that there are plenty of people who play at that type of sexuality when it comes to her fellow escorts, but she is confident and comfortable in who she is. She loves to meet new clients and get to know them, and she loves bringing happiness to people. Happiness is very important to Midori personally, too, and it’s integral to everything she does. Midori is just one of the Asian escorts available here at MyAsianEscorts.com. When you want to book Vegas Asian escorts, New York Asian escorts, or Boston Asian escorts, your best source is MyAsianEscorts.com. We thoroughly screen all of our young ladies. Proudly serving Las Vegas, New York, and Boston, we provide you with beautiful Asian ladies who are willing to exchange your booking fee for their time. When you want the company of a beautiful, sexy Asian woman, it’s time to contact MyAsianEscorts.com.


Age 22
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“People look at me strangely when I explain that I want men to get enjoyment from me and that I want to make men as happy as I can make them,” she says. “I think that’s odd. Why would it bother us that someone wants to make men happy, or put their needs first? Why would anyone think that it’s unusual? Every one of my fellow Asian escorts is a highly trained professional girl. She understands that you want to spend some time with a beautiful woman and that you need to be made the priority, because her business is what pleases men. That’s why I enjoy making men happy. I don’t get this attitude that it’s somehow wrong, or not appropriate, to put the men I encounter first. I think all of my fellow Asian escorts should have as their primary function making a man happy. Every escort has to understand that a man is going through a ton of different stress, each and every day. I understand men, I think. It’s what my job is all about. The way I approach my tasks is built on the idea that only when you are completely relaxed are you going to be able to sit back and really absorb the experience you’ve paid to get, the full effect of how incredible it can be. MyAsianEscorts.com girls are trained to understand how to relax you and to do everything they can to make that happen. We want you to be free of your anxiety. We want you to be happy. We want to give you an escape from the everyday, from all the grief that you deal with in your daily life.”

“Me and my fellow escorts, we’re here for you, and we’re looking to help you,” she says. “That’s one of the benefits of being with an Asian escort. We bring you an awful lot of relief. When you’re with me, when we’re close, you’re getting something that all men want. Every man wants to be close to beautiful women. They shine when they’re experiencing it. Men find beautiful women incredibly enticing. Men enjoy just being in the same room with a sexy woman. When you’re with such a lady, when you have her on your arm as you out or when you sit down for a more quiet time, you’re experiencing what you truly desire. I will help you get to know yourself, because it is my job to get to know you first. Yes, it’s my job to help you, but really, very deep down, at the core of my being, pleasing you and helping you pleases and helps me. If I can give you the means of easing your troubled mind recovering from your stress, then I have done my job well.”

Midori loves to get to know people. She never judges them, and she thinks that her clients should always come first. She loves to meet their needs and she loves to show off in order to make her clients look good. She doesn’t care what she does, exactly, with her client on any given night. Some want to go out and keep it casual, others want a more formal date, and still others need her to act as eye candy for various functions where they want to impress people with the women they can get. Midori is happy to do it all, and always thrilled when her qualities as a beautiful Asian woman can be put to good use in helping a man get what he desires. She especially enjoys the feeling of turning heads when she walks into a room and impresses everyone there.

“I love to be myself,” she says. “And if that means showing off a little, great. I am completely cool with showing off, you know?”