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Age 22
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“Sometimes,” she says, “I think about the sheer volume of people who move in and out of my life. I mean, think about all the people all around you. Have you ever just looked at the street, and all the people walking and going by in cars and buses, and wondered where they were all going? How they all have lives and what they’re doing? It’s kind of amazing to me when I think about all those hundreds and thousands of people, each with their own story, each with their own life. That’s pretty amazing. And all of us encounters so many people every day, and every month, and every year. We have a constant stream of people moving into and out of our lives all the time. How we respond to that, and how we embrace the opportunities that come as a result of that, is just part of how we deal with life. But it also informs what we see as opportunities. I think we all should just stop and be aware of how many people we know, how many of them are linked in ways we could never even conceive. I like to think of the universe, and the people in it, as all interconnected.”

Nanako points out that the universe is like a gigantic clock, and she loves the concept. “I am not a fan of the idea that the universe just happened by accident,” she says. “When you see how truly intricate life is, and everything in it, you reject that idea pretty quickly. We live in this immense clockwork mechanism. Everything is always moving in complex patterns. It’s so intricate that even the slightest change throws it all off, and yet we’re supposed to believe that all happened by accident. I just can’t embrace that idea. To me, it has to be the case that there is some kind of intelligent design to thinks, a clockmaker who made the clock, an uncaused first cause. But then, I like philosophy and the study of the real. I like thinking about how our world is built. Like, does it ever freak you out that our world is inside the solar system, which is inside the galaxy, which is inside the universe… but what is the universe in? And where does it stop? It’s kind of amazing when you contemplate your existence like that. It really blows your mind.”

When she’s not contemplating philosophy, Nanako is admiring her rocking body. She’s an absolute stunner who believes in staying in shape in order to retain her value as an Asian escort for as long as possible. She is just one of many fine looking Asian escorts who work with, but she’s also one of our most popular, for obvious reasons.

“Sometimes,” she says, “I’ll just start at myself in the mirror. I’m so incredibly sexy. I know it. The people who see me know it. There’s nothing to be done about that except just to embrace it. I don’t see any reason to play games about it and pretend I don’t know. Any man who approaches me, especially if he likes Asian women, is going to be in for a real treat. And I love that I have this identity that makes me special. There are escorts, and then there are Asian escorts. There’s something very special about an Asian girl. We cater to that specifically because it’s so wonderful. I want to meet clients who have not had the opportunity to spend time with beautiful Asian women before. I want to show them what I can do to make them happy. I want to prove to them that his agency is the best one. Those are my primary goals and motivators. I think they are good ones. I honestly do. Contact me today and we can get this party started. Book me!”