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Age 22
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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A good Asian escort is the sort of young woman who is always looking to help you, and you take your cues from him,” Naoki explains. “My client has the final say in what we’re going to do when we go out. I love the potential that I experience when a new client takes me out for the first time. That’s one of the reasons that being an Asian escort is so much fun. You never really know what a guy is going to want to do. Every day is new, fresh, fun, and exciting. There are all these possibilities for how the day is going to go and what’s going to happen when it starts. What sort of booking are you going to have? Will you be partying? Maybe doing something more formal? You just never know. But what I like best about it is that I’m getting to know somebody new, and that is the part of my job that I like the best. Every time you meet someone new, you get these few glorious hours where everything is fresh and adventurous. Everything you learn about them is a surprise. That’s why it’s so easy to be an escort and do the job well if you have the right temperament and the stamina for the job.”

Naoki points out that when she goes out with a man, she knows that her genuine enjoyment of her job, and of the fun she is having with her client, is something that comes through and enhances her client’s happiness. “No guy wants to be with a woman who is just going through the motions,” she says. “So it excites me that right now there are guys looking at my sexy pictures on the website, deciding if I’m the girl they want to spend time with. Getting to know them is going to be real fun for me. It’s something I can look forward to. Every day is like that for me. Every day I get to look forward to having fun, and I almost can’t believe how lucky I am. I want us to become friends. I want to build a business relationship with you that means you’ll come back to any time you want no-strings-attached companionship with a beautiful Asian woman like me. I’m all about making people happy, and I want to satisfy you. I want to relax you, make your life less stressful, and help you to enjoy yourself. The client service offer here is second to none, and it’s why I take so much pride in what I do.”

Naoki believes in grabbing what she wants without hesitation. “How’s that old saying go?” she asks. “You can’t make an appointment for an emergency? Well, you can’t make an appointment for opportunity to knock, either. It’s going to happen if it’s going to happen, and you have to be poised to embrace it. If you aren’t prepared to do what you have to do to take that bull by the horns, to seize the day and the opportunity that comes with it, you’re going to miss out. I don’t intend to miss anything in life. That’s why every day I tell myself that if something new and exciting comes along, if a new opportunity presents itself, if something unexpected falls in my lap, I’m just going to roll with it. I’m going to embrace my life and the wonderful opportunities I’ve been afforded. I’m going to be the type of person I have always wanted to be. I’m going to be the girl who gets it, the girl who knows what it takes to make it. Are you ready for the sexiest Asian lady you’ve ever had the chance to spend time with? Well, get ready for me, because I embrace every opportunity that comes my way… and I think you should, too. Contact me today. I’m waiting.”