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Age 22
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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To be perfectly honest,” says Sachiko, “It thrills me that my picture is on our website and that you can look at me in all my glory there. I love that people see me as an object of desire. I suppose that is exactly the opposite to the way a young lady is supposed to behave in our society, but I see my good looks, and my ability to use my body to get what I want, as something very empowering. There is this whole debate among feminists about sex positive and sex negative feminism. In other words, there are feminists out there doing pornography and degrading themselves, then claiming that this helps them ‘take back their agency’ and give them their power back. I don’t see how that would be true, but then, I’m not in either camp. I don’t believe sex should be condemned, but I’m not a crazy feminist, either, and most women are not describing themselves as feminists these days. No, I believe strongly in interacting with other people and with the opposite sex. I think my power, the power of being able to use my body, is just a unique asset among the many that are available to me. I’ll never apologize for using that. And when I’m strutting my stuff in a tight miniskirt or dress, the guys who see me can’t argue that fact.”

It is the fact of male attention that causes Sachiko to become somewhat philosophical. “Men love to look at sexy women,” she says. “When they have a certain fetish or affection for a certain raise, such as Asian girls, I don’t find that a problem. After all, I am an Asian woman, so naturally I think women like me are the most attractive. I could hardly find fault with men for thinking so. But the fact is that you cannot escape the male gaze. Mena are going to look at whatever they want. An attractive women is always going to turn heads. Men are going to look at her because they can’t help not looking. And why would any woman in her right mind ever have a problem with that fact? I have never understood women complaining about men finding them attractive. I love it when a man is attracted to me. It’s kind of the basis for my job. If men were not attracted to me they would not pay for the privilege of spending some time around me. After all, I have it going on. I’m a hot Asian girl with a tight, rocking body and I know what I have working. So of course I have some leverage when it comes to conducting my own life.”

Sachiko’s time doing amateur fetish modeling are the reason she is accustomed to a wide variety of activities. She never judges anyone she meets. “We all have things that we like, and that we fantasize about,” she admits. “Everybody is different. We all have them, so what is the point in acting superior and pretending that you don’t? Everybody has something special that gets them going. I believe in always respecting someone’s special requests. I always take these seriously. I never judge my clients for them. And I do my best, within reason, to accommodate them, because why wouldn’t I at least make the effort? If a guy is willing to exchange a booking fee for my presence, the least I can do is try to be what and who he wants me to be. That seems only fair.”

Sachiko loves making connections with new people, and prides herself on the strength of her relationships. “People are everything,” she says. “You have to know how to network with people. It has to be a solid foundation. You can’t keep building on that foundation, or do anything grand with it, if you haven’t made that foundation as strong as you can. I am a people person who believes strongly in the power we as human beings can have. Find out when you book my time!”