Scintillating Suzuki loves to play games, dress up in lingerie, and spend some time engaged in naughty play when she’s in a relationship. She keeps her marvelous little body in top shape through bicycling. She really enjoys going to restaurants, eating exotic food, and otherwise indulging herself on those rare occasions when she allows herself to do so. She has had a variety of odd jobs in the course of her young life before becoming an Asian escort, and escorting is the one that appeals to her the most. Suzuki is just one of the Asian escorts available here at When you want to book Vegas Asian escorts, New York Asian escorts, or Boston Asian escorts, your best source is We thoroughly screen all of our young ladies. Proudly serving Las Vegas, New York, and Boston, we provide you with beautiful Asian ladies who are willing to exchange your booking fee for their time. When you want the company of a beautiful, sexy Asian woman, it’s time to contact


Age 24
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“One of the things I love about wearing lingerie and dressing up in different outfits,” she says, “is that it gives me the chance to pretend to be different people. That’s what roleplay is, after all. It’s dressing up as people you aren’t, trying on different roles for yourself, and seeing what appeals to you. I’m the sort of girl who hates to be bored. I love variety more than anything else and I’m always looking for a chance to do new things, try new things, get in on new experiences, and keep my days fresh and exciting. I can’t imagine working the sort of job where you come in at the same time every morning, do the same things at the same desk, and wait for five o’clock to roll around. Who has time to live like that, and who would want to? Every day is a precious gift. You should show that you appreciate the gift of your life by embracing the spontaneous and always working to enjoy yourself. I think we all have the potential to do something special like that if we just give ourselves the chance. If we just get out of our own way, we can be the people we have always wanted to be.”

Suzuki loves playing games because she has always been something of a kid at heart. She believes that youth is truly wasted on the young and that to stay young forever requires an attitude adjustment on your part. “It’s not just about working out,” she says. “It’s not about the exercises you do, or the food that you eat. Those are part of it, but to really maintain your youth and vigor, to stay the sort of person you will always want to be, means you have to be willing to commit to being young in your heart and mind. Your attitude is what makes the difference. The attitude with which you approach each and every day is what truly matters when it comes to being the sort of person you need to be. Do you want to wither away like the typical old person, forgotten and immobile, with nothing but the empty shell of who you once were to keep you company inside your own mind? Or do you want to stay healthy, vibrant, and fun? That sense of fun is what makes the difference. You have to be willing to commit to being fun, to embracing fun, to being the sort of person who never lets creeping old age surprise you. Are you as fun as you can be? Are you the type of person who embraces life and loves it? If you love your life, if you love being alive, and especially if you love people, you will always find a reason to get up at the beginning of every day. And you’ll go to bed reluctantly because you don’t want to miss anything. That’s how I approach it.”

Suzuki describes herself as a people person, which is what makes her such an effective Asian escort. “You have to really love people to do this job,” she says. “You have to want to be around them. I love people and I always enjoy getting to know new clients. That love of people is something that is genuine and genuinely felt. You can’t fake it. People could tell if you tried to fake it. So I always give my all as honestly as I can. To me, I think you owe that honesty to your clients. Nobody wants a girl who is just going through the motions. You have to mean it. You have to really love what you do. I really love what I do, and I think that shows in my work.”