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Age 26
Height 5’3″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Of pole dancing, Tai says that she doesn’t think of it as stripping or even of being an exotic dancer. She doesn’t consider it tawdry or cheap. “When you are dancing on that pole,” she says, you’re celebrating your own sexuality and your sensuality. When you’re doing your best to turn on whoever is watching, when all eyes are on you, then you are making just this incredibly powerful statement about what it means to be a woman and to express your sensuality in today’s world. It’s like you’re standing up and declaring to the world that you love your body, and you love to embrace desire and happiness, and you know that the people who see you are expressing a desire for you in return. I love that when I’m pole dancing, I have the entire audience locked in. They’re just all about me, and I’m the center of attention. I like to keep the audience small and intimate if I can, and I don’t get to dance in front of larger audiences that often, but I always enjoy showing myself off and being sexy and exciting. I like to get ahead and I want to use my body to get what I’m going after. I know I’m sexy, you see, and there’s always room for me to improve myself and to get sexier. I can handle just about anything that comes at me, and embracing challenges is one of the ways that I conquer the challenges that stand between me and my goals.”

Tai likes to dance naked. She considers, this, too, to be an expression of her sensuality and her femininity. She likes to bare everything when she can, and just be herself. “All my stress and anxiety melts away when I dance in the nude,” she says. “Everything evaporates until I’m completely at union with myself and who I am. I can’t possibly be concerned with ordinary problems and day to day issues when I’m dancing. It’s like with the idea of Zen. You can’t be a person made of your problems if you’re in the moment and totally focused on what you are doing. This is the true freedom and liberation that comes with being grounded and knowing who you are. I’m all about that grounding. I like to focus on that centering. It’s very important to me. And I like to share that philosophy when I can. But really, I like to bare myself to the world as much as possible because I think in laying yourself bare before others, you really create opportunities for yourself to be free. I want to be free. I’m all about freedom. Not everyone can embrace the freedom that is walking among others with no clothes on. We’re so hung up on that, as a society, that we even make laws against it. If It was up to me, everyone would be free to be as naked as she wanted to be. You could walk around topless or in anything at all. I think we should all be as sensual as we can bring ourselves to express. That’s when we’ll truly find ourselves.”

Tai’s fondness for being naked leads her into some interesting situations. “I went to a nude beach once,” she says. “I walked around naked. I felt so incredibly free. It was just me, and the sun, and my body, and the waves. And I kept seeing people who were wearing clothes, and at first I thought they just couldn’t bring themselves to be nude. But then I realized. I had misunderstood the signs. I wasn’t at a nude beach at all. I was nude on the beach, but I was the only one. That was good for a laugh, I can tell you. It took me a while to live that one down with my friends. I still threaten to strip it all off in public.”