Classy Tomoko is one of those girls who isn’t happy unless she’s poolside. She’s a bisexual who enjoys movies and fine dining. She’s actually something of a cinema buff who loves to talk about movies, and she’s an adrenaline junkie who loves fast cars, too. She considers herself the kind of girl who is always down for adventure and she hopes that her clients will quickly see the potential that she has to make them smile. Tomoko is just one of the Asian escorts available here at When you want to book Vegas Asian escorts, New York Asian escorts, or Boston Asian escorts, your best source is We thoroughly screen all of our young ladies. Proudly serving Las Vegas, New York, and Boston, we provide you with beautiful Asian ladies who are willing to exchange your booking fee for their time. When you want the company of a beautiful, sexy Asian woman, it’s time to contact


Age 24
Height 5’5″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“I admit to liking fast cars and speed,” she says. “I like it when I can feel the vibration of a powerful engine just kind moving through my body. When I’m riding in a muscle car, when I’m in a fancy sports car, or if I’m just watching that vehicle drive past me, I can’t help but respond to it. The sound of that engine, the aroma of the exhaust as it thunders by. Speed and power are things that I admire, and the men who pilot these vehicles are men I admire as well. I like fast cars and I’ll always pick something impractical and powerful over something powerful and reasonable. We make so many boring choices in life. We give up on sports cars as impractical and too expensive. That’s pretty boring, to me. When I think of cars, or motorcycles even, I want something fast and sexy. Even though there are sometimes problems that come with that, it’s so much more fun and gives you so many memories. Do you want to look back on your life and think that you took the safe way out, or do you want to look back on your life and think about all the incredible adventures you had? I think that’s why we should all give up on the safe way out and really embrace the adrenaline. That’s what makes you feel like you’ve actually lived your life, you know? We don’t look back and remember that reliable, dependable car that bored us to tears. We remember the impractical stuff that really spoke to us and made us happy.”

Tomoko is a firm believer that it is the job of an Asian escort to help her clients make fabulous memories. “I’m in the memory business,” she says. “That’s what being in a service industry like this. You help your clients build memories of experiences they want to remember. And if you think about it, everything you have ever done, everything you are, everything about the adventure of your life, is just building memories. We all need to be able to look back one day and think over our memories and then go, like, yeah, that was what I wanted. I’m glad I did that. Do you want your memories to bore you tears when your life flashes in front of your eyes? Or do you want to be proud of what you did, and what you went for, and the adventures that you grasped? I want to know that I truly lived. Being an escort is one of the ways that I do that. It’s one of the ways that I truly get what I want, you know? I love being who I am. I love experiencing life like the incredible girl that I know I can be. And when you’re with me, I can help you do that, too. That’s how I want to live.”

Tomoko loves to try on bathing suits and loves to lay out by the pool or the hot tub, making sure every outfit she wears is smaller and skimpier than the last. “I admit it,” she says. “I love showing off by the pool. That’s one of the few places in life where you’re allowed to show as much skin as you like, within reason. I’m a big exhibitionist when it comes to tiny bathing suits, and I’m always pushing the limits. When a man sees me in my swimsuit, I want him practically drooling over me. I love the thought of a man just kind of losing it when he looks at me. To me, that’s the only way to be. You need to be the kind of girl who wows the men who see you. You need to make a lasting impression. I think I do that. In fact, I know I do.”