Q. Is your service legal?

A. Yes, hiring Vegas Asian escorts, Boston Asian escorts, and New York Asian escorts is entirely legal. When you book one of our Asian escorts, you are paying for your young lady’s time and nothing more. Our Asian escorts are not prostitutes. They are professional entertainers who are skilled and experienced at helping their dates have a great time, regardless of what the venue is. Whatever happens between you and your new young Asian lady friend is entirely up to you, and none of our business. We respect your time and your privacy. When you book one of our Vegas Asian escorts, one of our New York Asian escorts, or one of our Boston Asian escorts, you get the complete attention, the total focus, of a beautiful woman who knows how to make sure you have a good time. We want you to choose someone whom you will enjoy from the lists of our available Asian escorts. Take the time to get to know them a little and you will be able to appreciate them that much more. Our business is conducted in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws. We are completely confidential and always professional, and you can count on us.

Q. How does this service work?

A. Hiring Vegas Asian escorts, Boston Asian escorts, or New York Asian escorts through MyAsianEscorts.com is simple and straightforward. You simply look through our profile pages at the many beautiful Asian women who work with us and who have agreed to exchange their time for your booking fee. Once you have selected the young lady who stimulates you most, you contact us and let us know. We will coordinate your scheduling requirements with the schedule obligations of your first choice and, if she is not available, we will help you select from among the other available ladies, some of whom do not appear on our website. (This may be because they are already busy enough with regular clients that they prefer not to advertise, or because we’ve not had an opportunity to add them to the website.) If you don’t see what you are looking for on our website, don’t worry; we can reach out to our extended network of escorts and find you someone we think meets your requirements, someone we are sure you will enjoy. Once your booking is set, your young lady must agree to a place for the two of you to meet. We are an outcall agency only, meaning we do not have facilities that you can visit. This is done for our clients, as it has been our experience that clients are always more comfortable in social settings or settings with which they are more familiar, rather than an in-call agency that is not familiar to them.

Your young Asian escort will arrive promptly for your booking and will leave promptly when the booking is concluded. Whatever you would like to do, when out on your date, is entirely up to you. Are you keen to take your lovely Asian escort out for a traditional date, such as to a nightclub, a fancy restaurant, a show, or a party? That’s always fine with our girls, who are always looking for reasons to go out and have a good time. If you have a more formal event you would like to attend and you want some hot Asian army candy on your arm, you can book your Asian escort for that, too. And if you have a business convention or function for which you want an Asian date, you can book one of our girls for that purpose. The best part is that if you truly enjoy your Asian escort, you can book her time again. You can enjoy her company as often as you like when you book with MyAsianEscorts.com.

Q. Do I have to live in the area to use your service?

A. You don’t have to live in Las Vegas, Boston, or New York to use our service, but you do have to be near one of those areas for the time of your booking (obviously). All three of these major American cities are hubs of commerce, tourism, and social activity. Plenty of our clients are business travelers and tourists who are passing through these areas and would like the company of a beautiful Asian woman. Our young ladies love to meet new people, and if you are new to the area, they will gladly show you around. And of course if you are local to New York, Boston, or Las Vegas, we would love for you to become our repeat client. We are always looking to build business relationships with our clients. Come to us when you want quality Asian companionship and we’ll make sure you are happy.

Q. What if I have special requests, like for an outfit I’d like my date to wear?

A. Yes, we will always consider special requests. We cannot guarantee that we can fulfill every special request, but we will gladly listen and do what we can to accommodate you.

Q. Will anyone know that I’ve used your service?

A. No one will know that you’ve used our service unless you tell them. When you contact us, we are always very careful to protect your privacy. We will never discuss your booking with anyone outside the company, and our girls will never discuss your booking with each other or any third party. We know that to relax and enjoy your booking, you need to know that your privacy is protected. We do that, always safeguarding your confidentiality so that you can enjoy your time with your Asian escort.

Q. Can I book more than one escort at once?

A. Yes, you can book as many escorts as you can afford, provided their schedules mesh with yours. If you want to book multiple escorts for a party or other social occasion, that is possible too. We’re always looking to please.